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You may have money being held in your name.
Our database contains records where there is at least $5,000 in unclaimed money. 

Type in your last name or partial business name to see if there is Tax Deed Surplus for you. If you get a result, it means your search term was found as the previous owner or a lien holder who is entitled to this unclaimed money.

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Total Records Found: 588, showing 10 per page
Property IDOwner NameSurplus
270143 RUDNICK JAMES M 27,865.73
270148 SHOEMAKER, VERNON S 13,412.35
270151 HERNANDEZ CARMEN 3,411.55
270152 BARNES KELROY 1,744.16
270155 LYNCH ROHAN O 1,550.78
270156 HENRY PHYNETT A 2,908.71
270157 STUART JUNE T EST 4,196.53
270163 DENTON II LLC 3,529.86
270164 CADET EDWARD 6,142.96
270165 PARKER IDELLA R EST 18,375.71